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Brand: CHINA Model: Tape
Multicolor CureTape is made of high-quality elastic cotton with an anti-allergic acrylic adhesive layer. Its ventilating and skin-friendly properties mean that the tape can be kept on for longer periods than would otherwise be possible. A ‘24-hour a day’ treatment is, for example, possible, enabling..
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Brand: CHINA Model: M-ESC001
Product Description 1. For hospitals, emergency centers, fire, emergency ambulance,family-hauling patients up and down the stair. The main use of high-rise building stair stretcher transfer of patient up and downstairs, one person can operate. 2. A unique track structure, convenient and safe when ..
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Brand: CHINA Model: Gauze
Made of 100% cotton gauze x-ray detectable Non-sterile Uses  for wound management 5 pcs/box..
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Non-Contact Digital K3 Thermometer,Wall-Mounted Infrared Forehead K3 Thermometer with LCD Display Non-Contact Digital K3 Thermometer,Wall-Mounted Infrared Forehead K3 Thermometer with LCD Display
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Brand: CHINA Model: THRM-K3
Infrared Thermometer with Stand Non-Contact Digital K3 The K3 Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer provides a hand-free, high precision automatic induction digital Thermometer for forehead temperature scanning. K3 non-contact forehead thermometer is suitable for scenarios such as entrances to office bu..
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Brand: CHINA Model: Gauze
Parrafin cotton gauze swab.  Low adhesion. low adherent quality. Uses  On deep abrasions and open wounds (50 packs/Box)..
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Brand: CHINA Model: Beard Cover
A great option for anyone with a latex allergy. Reduce the risk of hair falling into the food while cooking or serving also while working in lab, medical or surgical services. These beard protectors help keep facial hair away from food or medical devices. It can also be used in any environment where..
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