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Brand: Riester Model: Laryngoscope
Adult Laryngoscope SetRiester 2.7 V vacuum light source, removable at the distal end of the blades. ; Full range of Macintosh and Miller blades. ; Sterilizationby autoclave (134° C / 273° F for 5 minutes). ; Almost unlimited life-span of stainless steel blades. ; Designed for simple intubati..
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Brand: Riester Model: BLOOD PRESSURE
Mercury Sphygmomanometer with Stethoscope (Riester) High quality materials to extend the life of the machine. Latex pneumatic pump with precise chrome-plated valve, easy to use. Model: 1002.022 Made in Germany..
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Brand: Riester Model: BLOOD PRESSURE
Blood Pressure Without Stethoscope Mercury (Riester) model :1002. Made in Germany..
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Brand: Riester Model: BLOOD PRESSURE
Suitable for right or left handed users Precision, wear-free air release valve with fine adjustment Micro-filter protects air release valve and measuring system Specially tempered copper-beryllium diaphragm, almost non-aging Diaphragm can be pressurized up to 600 mmHg Easily legible scale, Ø ..
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