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We welcome you to the Electronic Medical Shop website referred to as (the online site/e-store), a service provided by Mid Valley Trading Company. The site is operated by Mid Valley Trading Company (referred to as us/us or plural).

1. Governing Law:  These Terms of Use and any non-contractual rights or obligations arising out of or in connection with it shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the applicable laws of KSA.

2. Relationship of the Parties: Nothing contained in these Terms of Use will be deemed or construed by the parties or any third party to create the relationship of partnership, joint venture, or agency between the parties, it being understood that the parties will at all times remain independent parties contracting for Services.

3. Further Assurances: The parties will do and execute or arrange for the doing and executing of each necessary act, document and thing reasonably within its power to implement and give effect to these Term of Use to its full extent, including without limitation, assisting each other in complying with applicable law.

4. Dispute Resolution: If you have an issue with our services, please contact us. We will endeavor to resolve your issue as soon as possible. Any disputes or claims arising out of or in connection with these Term of Use, including any non-contractual rights or obligations arising out of or in connection with these Term of Use be referred to and finally resolved by KSA court.

5. Third-Party Rights: A person who is not a party to these Terms of Use has no right to enforce any of its terms. 

6. Assignment: These Terms of Use will be binding upon and insure to the benefit of the parties and their respective successors and permitted assigns. You agree that you will not assign or transfer these Terms of Use or any of your rights or obligations under these Terms of Use, whether directly or indirectly, without first obtaining our prior written consent, such consent not to be unreasonably withheld.

7. Entire Agreement: These Terms of Use and the documents referred to or incorporated herein by reference contain the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter and supersede all prior agreements, negotiations, and representations, written or oral, relating to its subject matter. Except as provided in these Terms of Use and the documents referred to or incorporated into these Terms of Use by reference, there are no conditions, representation, warranties, undertakings, or agreements between the parties whether direct, indirect, collateral, express or implied.

8. Amendment: These Terms of Use cannot be modified, varied, amended, or supplemented in any way by you. We reserve the right to modify, vary amend or supplement these Term of Use at any time and from time to time. We will post the current version of these Terms of Use on the site and each such change will be effective upon posting on the site or upon the date designated by us as the "effective date" (if any). Your continued use of the Services following any such change constitutes your agreement to be bound by and its acceptance of these Terms of Use as so modified.

9. Severability:  If any provision of these Terms of Use is determined by any court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, that provision will be severed from these Terms of Use and the remaining provisions will continue in full force and effect so long as the economic or legal substance of the transaction contemplated hereby is not affected in a manner materially adverse to either of the parties.

10. Force Majeure: Neither party will be liable for any loss or damage or for any delay or failure in performance due to acts beyond the control of such party whether or not such acts could reasonably be anticipated (including acts of God, legislative, judicial, or regulatory acts of any provincial or the federal government, court or regulatory authority, acts of any of our subcontractors or any third party providers of goods or services to us, labor disruptions, blackouts, and embargoes).

11. No Waiver: Any waiver by us of any of the provisions of these Terms of Use will not constitute a waiver of any other provision (whether similar or not), nor will any such waiver continuing waiver of that particular provision, unless expressly provided by us in writing.

12. Communications: You may contact us through email, social media, or by calling our contact number on the store page.

13. Survival: All provisions that either expressly or by their nature survive, will survive suspension or termination of your membership of the site.

14. All contents of are owned exclusively by the Electronic Medical Shop and are subject to copyright protection.

These Terms and Conditions shall be valid and void for their prior forms of commercial representation, oral agreements, or other understandings unless otherwise specified in this particular product or service.

We care for customers and make the re-purchase an easy and convenient process. Our business module enables the customer to purchase any products with a click while sitting at home.

Our e-shopping is a very convenient “Four Steps Process” with a few clicks, your purchase order will be placed.

   •    Browse the e-store

   •    Add the product to e-basket

   •    Add your contact/delivery information for shipping

   •    Place the purchase order and select the mode of payment

Once the e-shopping purchase order is completed, our expert the team will verify your order and payment and proceed in processing the shipping.

You are eligible to register as a buyer or seller and benefit from the Services if you meet the following eligibility criteria:

A-You are above the legal age for purchasing products in your country of residence.

B-You are able to provide an address in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (“KSA”) for the delivery of products.


1. Delivery Costs: The costs of delivery will be as displayed to you on our store Site. In large quantities or special requests, the user will be contacted and informed of the shipping and price details.

2. Delivery Date: This information will be displayed to you on our Store Site.

3. Delivery Delays:

A. If our supply of the product is delayed by an event out of our control, then we will contact you as soon as possible to let you know and we will take steps to minimize the effect of the delay.

B. If you do not collect the product from us as arranged or if, after a failed delivery to you, you do not re-arrange delivery or collect them from a delivery depot, we will contact you for further instructions. If despite our reasonable efforts, we are unable to contact you or re-arrange delivery or collection, we will cancel your order.

4. Delivery from Overseas:  Note that you might be considered the importer of record in the event that your order requires delivery from overseas. In such an instance, you are required to ensure that your ordered products can be lawfully imported, comply with all laws and regulations, and to pay all fees and customs duties relevant to your purchase. In relation to customs issues, please also note the following:

When ordering products that require delivery from overseas, you may be subject to import duties and/or taxes, which may be imposed once the package reaches the specified destination:

A. Any additional charges for customs clearance must be borne directly by you and we have no control over these charges.

B. Customs policies vary between countries, so you should contact your local customs office for further information (in relation to customs processes and applicable charges); and

C. You should be aware that deliveries from overseas may be subject to opening and inspection by customs officials in the destination country and SFDA.

5. Title to Products:  A product will be considered owned by you and your responsibility from the time we deliver the product to the delivery address and you have paid for the product.

6. Invoice:  We will issue an electronic invoice for your purchase and send such an invoice to the email address you provided to us.

Payment Methods:

The electronic medical store (Emedic Shop) provides the ability to pay when purchasing products by (credit cards, ATM cards, or bank transfer) or pay when the product is received. All payments are in Saudi Riyals.


• For electronic payments, we accept credit cards and ATM cards (Visa Card - MasterCard - Mada).

• In the case of electronic payment, the customer will receive a notice on the screen once the payment is accepted.

• If the payment is declined or canceled by the credit card service provider for any reason. You must check with the service provider that is the reason for the refusal.

• We do not keep private credit card information for purchase at the online medical store.

• We do not provide any payment information made on our website to other companies or individual entities unless required by a legal entity.

• You can pay in cash upon receiving the order from the delivery person. Additional fees are added to this service.

Recurring Orders and payments:

You can subscribe to the "recurring payments" option for the products that you want to be offered to you frequently or periodically in a certain period. You will be automatically billed for products you receive regularly during this period.

This feature will also be activated by choosing the recurring payment feature for the selected product and agree to the payment terms and conditions.

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